Devi Circle – A Sacred Gathering of Women

Join us for an intimate and magical sacred gathering of women with Sharada who has studied, taught and lived the sacred teachings of the Vedic Tradition for many years in India and Bali with her revered teachers Pujya Swami Dayananda, Swami Vagishananda and Radha.

We will be lead through a traditional Puja, a beautiful rich Ceremony as well as Yoga, Guided Meditation, Vedic Chanting and SingingJMN-160305-DSC02169-

Sön 12 juni 9.00-16.00

Sandstensbacken 30, Breared

Välkommen till en dag att hylla den feminina kraften som bor inom dig. I en trygg, kärleksfull och tillåtande miljö får du mjukt vila in i ditt eget hjärtas röst och möta det du finner där. Devi är Sanskrit och betyder hon som strålar, Gudinnan i dig. Devi Circle är en samling för kvinnor, ett utrymme att få vara i den helande, feminina kärleksenergin.

350 kr (alla pengar doneras direkt till Sharada)
Lunch, te och frukt ingår i priset.

Varmt välkommen med din anmälan till
Hör gärna av dig med ev frågor och funderingar 0705-41 23 05

Sharada has held many Devi Circles, bringing women from all around the world together. Holding a sacred absolute non-judgmental trustworthy space, offering unconditional acceptance and validation for each and every story. The circle offers support to heal wounds, finding the courage to speak up and give expression and voice to ones deepest heart intent and purpose. It is a reminder to nourish and sanctify the sacred body temple and it serves as an inspiration to discover the meaning love through understanding and clarity of knowledge as non other than oneself that includes the whole universe.

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